sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

TAR 3 GI Joe custom BAT

Here is the TAR 3, this time specially designed to operate in radioactive scenarios.

Roadbasher Dreadnok Cycle vehicle custom

Here is the Roadbasher, a GI Joe snowmobile modified by the dreadnoks for road use.

T.A.R. 2 GI Joe BAT equivalent custom

Here is the TAR 2, the GI Joe equivalent of the BAT. This version is designed for explosives deactivation.

GI Joe Killer Whale custom South Wind

Here is an arctic version of the Killer Whale, with some modifications for more firepower.

Vanguard Action Force GI Joe custom Tank armadillo

Here is the Vanguard, a custom tank I made with an Armadillo for the Action Force.

Turbo Viper Cobra GI Joe vintage custom

Here is Turbo Viper, a custom I made to drive a motorized battle pack.

sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

Obliterator Golden Dragons GI Joe Snow Cat custom

Here is the Obliterator, a vehicle for my group of the Golden Dragons (chinese answer to GI Joe and the Oktober Guard). Made over a Snow Cat with a Rolling Thunder missile.

Metro Viper Rage Pilot Cobra custom

Here is Metro Viper, the pilot I made for the Rage. Is strange that it didn't have a pilot, so I repainted a Track Viper in matching colours for the Rage.

Mars Viper Cobra the Enemy custom

Here is Mars Viper, the Cobra variation of the Astro Viper for the colonization of Mars!

Long Run GI Joe vintage custom

Here is Long Run, a GI Joe specialist in long marches and survival.