viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Lava Squadron USLFP Patrol "Taal" GI Joe Cobra unproduced unreleased custom

This is Taal, member of the USLFP Patrol. It is based on a official concept art for the Lava Squadron that was never produced.

Here you can see more about him;

Startron GI Joe Space Force Star Brigade unproduced unreleased concept art custom

Here is Startron, the name I've given to the GI Joe Space Force prototype (see it in; that was featured G.I.Joe 30th Salute Trading Card set. I thought it was a very interesting design and I wanted to have in my collection what could have been and never was.

Shakto Ypsilon Challengers Sgt Hacker GI Joe repaint custom

This is Shakto, member of Ypsilon Challengers. Member of a techno-sect that only fight with knifes.

Shademaster Cobra GI Joe destro custom Ypsilon Challengers Captain America

This is Shademaster, a character like Rebelmeister based on the arctic trooper of the new Captain America video game. He too has been modified to fit a member of Ypsilon Underground, a own-created group made of ex-members of GI Joe, Cobra and October Guard seeking to control the world.

Base figure Arctic Destro.

miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Rotohawk ARAH GI Joe pilot custom

Here is Rotohawk, a GI Joe helicopter pilot-

Rebelmeister GI Joe 25th Movie Rise of Cobra custom figure

Here is Rebelmeister, a character based on the troopers of the new Captain America video game. I have changed a bit the design to represent a sort of hi-tech terrorist to fight against GI Joes or Marvel Universe heroes. He is member of Ypsilon Underground, a undercover organization bent on controlling the world.

Base figure Duke ROC with armour, sculpted head & feet, VvV Gi Joe backpack, and ROC missile launcher.

Nitro Bomber Cobra Mortar specialist custom figure 80s ARAH

Here is Nitro Bomber, a Cobra specialist in mortar warfare.

Punjab Indian agent GI Joe custom vintage 80s figure 3/3 4 " 1/18 yo joe

Here is Punjab, the GI Joe representative agent in India :) .

After I made it, a friend asked me if I could do a copy for him, so I casted the head and Leopard and made a second version with similar parts;

viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Lava Squadron Kizimen Unproduced Gi Joe Cobra figure unreleased vintage 80s custom

Here is my rendition of the unproduced "Lava Squadron" figure, which I named Kizimen after a famous volcano.

Narva with Hydrojet Oktober Guard customs GI Joe

This is Narva, a russian Oktober Guard pilot for the Hydrojet.

martes, 8 de mayo de 2012

Hunter Prey Star Wars GI Joe Cobra custom figure

This figure comes from the film "Hunter Prey", a sort of film knock-off of Star Wars. I found it by chance when I was searching for some ideas for a joe custom, and starwaresque design captivated me. 

Made with a Beachhead v15, with all the details sculpted, and given two random GI Joe weapons.

Magnum PI Commando Outfit GI Joe custom figure

Right from the 80s comes... Magnum! after watching recently the 8 seasons in the last months, as a customizer I was obliged to make a action figure of him :) .

I've selected the commando suit he wears in the first seasons, when he saves Higgins from that VIP corporation that wanted to kill Robin Masters.

The base figure is Falcon, with a unknown 25th head modified with sculpting to get the resemblance. I also sculpted the watch and his caracteristic ring.