jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Nightcheck Action Force GI Joe custom

This is Nightcheck, a custom that serves the purpose of night vigilance in the Action Force sub-group. He won the category of best painted recombination in the Nueva Dominion Crimson contest.

Cobra Intruder GI Joe custom

This is the Cobra Intruder, a cobra specialist in breaking through enemy lines and infiltrating in GI Joe bases with his disruptor suit, where he uses his electric mace to smash through doors and secret files.

Aqua Viper Cobra GI Joe custom

This is Aqua Viper, the Viper specialist in deep sea operations.

By-Law Cobra Gi Joe custom

This is By-Law, another simple recombination custom. He is a Cobra militar police.

Alligator Cobra GI Joe custom

This is Alligator, a simple custom made without paint or sculpting. He is the younger brother of Big Boa that is a Urban combat specialist.

Cosmic Viper GI Joe custom

Here is an ARAH repaint I made for a contest, the Cosmic Viper. I thought that the most logical camouflage pattern in space will be space itself. This custom won the repaint category in the Nueva Dominion Crimson contest.

miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Cobra Byalyan Trooper GI Joe 25th custom

Hi there, this is my first entry to my GI Joe blog of customized action figures.

This is a custom I made for the Custom Figure Wars ultimate contest, that was 4th. It was also presented to the GI Joe contest under the "Crossover" category, which he won.

The story;

As Cobra plans on taking over the Bialyan Republic, unhappy citizens paid by Cobra take arms against their "corrupt" government. Using top-of-the-range Bialyan technology that have been damaged (repaired by Cobra) by weather conditions in secret bunkers and warehouses, these troops are a formidable foe. Their armour and weapons could fail, or even worse, explode, at any moment, that makes them more dangerous if anything. Should Cobra fail in the Bialyan invasion, they could be put to a good use fighting GI Joe or the Oktober Guard in any place of the globe.

The custom; using a Cobra Commander ROC, and Snake Eyes POC armour, these custom has been quite easy to do, the important part was the sculpting of the head, knee pads, feet, and thigh plates. One of the first customs I've tried to try and represent oxid in the armour.