lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011

Throttle General's co-pilot GI Joe custom

This is Throttle, the brother of Major Storm and co-pilot of The General.

Deadshot DC Universe GI Joe custom

Here is Deadshot, the character from the DC Universe made with a GI Joe figure.

Lampreys Marine Cobra Custom

This is the Cobra troop for naval invasions, the Lampreys Marine. It also can be used for the marine forces of Serpentor forces. The head is casted with resin.

Urban Trooper GI Joe custom

Here is a Urban Trooper for the GI Joe team, to defend GI Joe urban bases.

jueves, 11 de agosto de 2011

Technic Viper Septic Tank Driver Cobra custom

Here is Technic Viper (if you have a better name I'am open to suggestions), Cobra's Septic Tank driver.

T.A.R. 1 GI Joe Robot custom

This is the T.A.R. 1, GI Joe's answer to the BAT. 

Improved DIC Metal-Head GI Joe Cobra custom

This is my improved version of Metal Head, a character which I always liked from the DIC cartoon but I thought his figure didn't do him justice.


Missile Blast Cobra GI Joe custom

This is Missile Blast, one of my first customs. Although a bit whacky in colours, I still like him.

Wombat GI Joe MBB Driver custom

Here is Wombat, my driver for the Mobile Battle Bunker 90s vehicle that came without figure.

Deep Freeze Cobra GI Joe custom

This is Deep Freeze, a Cobra ninja that uses nytrogen powered swords to freeze his opponents