lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

Desert Trooper GI Joe custom

Here is the Desert Trooper, the Green Shirts for desert and rocky areas.

Cobra Sailor GI Joe Cobra Custom

Here is the new variant of the Cobra Trooper, the Cobra Sailor.

SWAT Dark Approach GI Joe Custom Cobra

Here is a new member for the GI Joe SWAT team, Dark Approach.

Action Force Customs GI Joe Cobra Hasbro

Here is my new team of Action Force members;

Glaciar, the alpinist high mountain specialist
Polar; the extreme arctic specialist
Knightfox; leader of the team
Sensor; radiocommunications expert
Black Eye; malasian ninja master
Skislide; skiing specialist
Toxic Gas; NBQC expert

sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2011

Swamp Vipers Cobra Customs

Here are the Swamp Vipers, the new Viper team in Cobra. They are recruited amongst the worst Vipers as a punishment just a bit less severe than becoming a Toxo Viper. They stay 8 or 10 hours a day inside the muddy swamps of Cobra Island, awaiting to ambush some GI Joe sneak attack. The one with red visor is a normal recruit, with blue and gloves is the commander, and with green and backpack is the radio operator.

Night Interrogator Cobra Custom

This is Night Interrogator, a Night Viper that was promoted to this position after meritory actuations. He uses his light-visor to torture and extract information from Gi Joe prisoners.

Chromemask Cobra GI Joe custom

Here is Chromemask, a rebel leader of Sierra Gordo that bought a second-hand mask from Destro.