miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Tundra Smasher Oktober Guard custom vehicle

The Tundra Smasher is a vehicle of the new Oktober Guard sub-team, the White Tiger Force. Designed to cut through dense tundra forests.

The pilot along other customs and figures of my collection (click to enlarge);

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  1. wow, great transformation of the badger! You should point up the details. For me, the highlights of this vehicle are the windshields for the cockpit you have built (since it is a snow/tundra vehicle, I think it is a great idea), and the self made decals.

    What about the pilot? will it be shown in a future blog entry?

  2. Thanks. Yes, maybe I should make longer descriptions of the entries, I'll try to improve in future entries.

    I have added a pic of my collection where he can be better seen.