martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Hydrus Cobra Mars expedition vehicle Gi Joe

Here is the Hydrus, a ruthless Cobra vehicle to dominate the lands of Mars itself! designed by Destro and piloted by the new Mars Vipers.

Firerain Action Force flamethrower specialist GI Joe vintage custom

Here is Firerain, the Action Force SAS flamethrower specialist.

Deathlayer Cobra custom

Here is Deathlayer, the Cobra nemesis of Tripwire and Lightfoot.

Cobra de Aço Mortal vintage custom GI Joe

Here is a modernized version of Cobra de Aço, the rare brazilian variant. I wanted to have it in my collection but I didn't want to spend 500 $ for it :) . Thanks to customizer Hit & Run from for the idea.

lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

CLASSIFIED Viper Cobra Vintage custom

CLASSIFIED Viper is the newest Cobra Viper, so secret that even his name is still unknown to the GI Joe team and even the major part of Cobra! only Cobra Commander, Destro and Baroness knows the truth of who's under the mask and what can do this new Viper.

Waterfall GI Joe underwater specialist ARAH custom

Here is Waterfall, a GI Joe specialist in underwater warfare.

Blockhouse Cobra Heavy Trooper custom

Here is Blockhouse, a Cobra specialist in urban warfare and heavy weapons.

Biotech Bio-Hazard GI Joe specialist custom

Here is Biotech, a GI Joe specialist for toxic environment and NBQ fighting.

Project 52 Cobra Custom

Here is Project 52, a experiment made by Dr. Mindbender to create a new Cobra soldier using lizard's and other reptiles DNA. As you can see, it failed and he escaped.

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

New Oktober Guard custom team GI Joe Cobra vintage

Here is my new vintage Oktober Guard team, namely;

Stainless Steel; ruthless general.
Highpyke; mountaneer specialist and urban climbing.
Krippler; leader of the White Tigers.
Pavel & Zlatko; mercenary bounty hunters.
Tundra Killer; experiencied soldier in tundra combats.
Baltik; deep sea specialist.
Breakdown; mechanic specialist.
Strongpoint; heavy weapons specialist.
Captain Volny; pilot.

Red Shadows Custom New Team Cobra GI Joe vintage

Here is my group of Red Shadows (all customs except Red Jackal). From left to right, they are;

Gold Creeper; a renegade Night Creeper that joined the Red Shadows after keeping the booty of a bank robbery.
Sonicshock; leader of the Gas Troopers.
Electro-shock; evil expert on electric weapons.

Shadowbot; equivalent of the Cobra BAT.
Shrapnel; field operator and tester of new weapons.

Nocturn; expert on night ops.
Nightfall; stealth ninja.

Snowblind; extreme temperatures expert.
Inverter; scientific and  hi-tech weapons developer.

Gas Troopers; crazy enough troops to use potentially lethal biological weapons.