domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Mayday GI Joe Valor Vs Venom custom figure

Here it is Mayday, a character from the GI Joe comics who has never been made as action figure.

Frozen Outback Oktober Guard custom GI Joe Cobra figure

Here it is Anatoliy Kelmov, aka "Frozen Outback", the Oktober Guard equivalent of  GI Joe's Outback.

Impact Cobra Custom GI Joe ARAH vintage figure

Here is Impact, a easy recombination to make a new Cobra member.

Ice Wanderer GI Joe vintage custom vehicle Oktober Guard

Here it is the Ice Wanderer, the Oktober Guard version of the GI Joe Snowmobile, and vehicle of Red Star.

Haze Ypsilon Underground GI Joe Cobra custom Oktober Guard figure

Here is Haze, the leader of the Ypsilon Underground group, a former Oktober Guard member.