lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

TEKNOID GI Joe custom ME Super Trooper v2 Exo-Suit 25th 30th Modern Style ROC POC

Another one of my creations. The Super Trooper was good, but it is now obsolete. The time has come for Teknoid, the new Super-Trooper, with a super exo-suit which renders him invulnerable for any weapon less than 50mm. He is fast, he has enhanced physical abilities and can jump 15 meters, he is nearly unstoppable. "He could win a battle nearly on it's own. We just hope he doesn't turn against us" - General Hawk

Recipe: ROC Duke with armour and Snake Eyes lower legs, the rest is sculpted.
Weapon(s): Unknown weapon.

lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

Cobra Sniper Viper GI Joe Pre-Production custom figure Hasbro

This is the Cobra Sniper, this custom is based on one of the pre-production drawings that can be seen in the YoJoe site. 

I think it was a great idea, I don't know why it was scrapped, although it is a bit similar to maybe SAW Viper and Rock Viper, the concept of a Cobra Sniper hasn't been correctly used yet.

This is the original artwork;

This is the custom;

I used O-Ring vintage parts; Range Viper torso, Dusty arms, Lampreys legs, and I don't remember where it came the crotch from. The backpack is from doc, with a half-repaired with epoxi weapon.